Imagined Glassboro Mural Proposal: Glass Roots

About the Artists

Elizabeth Dunn
I am a junior Radio, Television, and Film (RTF) major and member of the Bantivoglio Honors Concentration here at Rowan University. In Spring 2019, I transferred from Rowan College at Burlington County and was named to the Rowan President’s Scholar of Excellence List and the Dean’s List for that semester. Although I had limited hands-on experience in the field before coming to Rowan, I always had a passion for film. I love movies and documentaries and was excited to join RTF’s Cinema Workshop, a club that makes short films. I am also a passionate reader and writer. In 2017, I co-authored and published a children’s book, MacCarrig, that incorporates the treasures of the New Jersey Shore within a narrative of young friendship, cooperation, and diversity. One of my greatest passions is music. I’ve been playing the piano for over ten years with a focus on classical pieces, especially Chopin and Debussy. Recently I have enjoyed playing movie scores and soundtracks, and I also like composing my own music. 

I saw this project as an opportunity to use my interests and passions to bring a new approach to the creation of a mural. When we visited the Heritage Glass Museum for a class tour, I became aware of Glassboro’s rich past. I was captivated by the museum’s artifacts and authentic photographs, maps, documents, but I also saw room for growth. I was inspired to help the museum in any way I could, and one avenue I discovered allowed me to do that while also utilizing my own skills as a filmmaker. My partner and I were able to create a short video to raise awareness about the museum’s establishment and mission to preserve Glassboro’s history, two important aspects of the Glassboro community that I thought should be shared with and accessible to all of the town’s residents. 

Darien Brown
Also an RTF major in the Honors Concentration, I am a freshman and will be declaring a minor in marketing. I am from Pine Hill and an alumna of Overbrook High School, where I graduated as valedictorian. After joining the video production club in high school, I realized that filmmaking was the perfect outlet for my creativity and writing talents. I am now a member of Rowan's Cinema Workshop club, where I am able to be a part in the production of short films. Although I commute, I try to be involved on campus; I play intramural soccer, am a trumpet player in the Honors Jazz Band, am part of a Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship small group, and entered the Idea Challenge. In my free time I tend to watch a lot of TV shows and movies. On car rides I jam to Broadway soundtracks and listen to the occasional podcast. I am a Sunday school teacher and I volunteer in my church's kitchen and media team.

It wasn't until our Cultural Geography class visited the Heritage Glass Museum that I realized I knew very little about the town of Glassboro. The museum inspired me to learn more about Glassboro history and to engage with community members who are knowledgeable and passionate about their town history. I consider myself a history person, so it was natural for me to become so interested in the museum's roots. As someone who enjoys volunteerism, I instantly felt a desire to help the Heritage Glass Museum connect with the community. With filmmaking as our shared passion, it felt right that Elizabeth and I should make a short documentary together, a project I have never done before. We hope to continue to give back to the town of Glassboro and invest more time in documentary its history.

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