Imagined Glassboro Mural Proposal: Glass Roots

Location of Mural

Our sign will be located next to the sidewalk outside the Heritage Glass Museum. In this spot, on 34 High Street East in downtown Glassboro, it will draw the attention of Glassboro residents visiting the local businesses surrounding the Museum. This location is significant in that it is donated by the town government for the purpose of preserving Glassboro’s history, but the building the Heritage Glass Museum inhabits has gone through many stages over time. The charming brick building was originally a bank and went through many different ownerships before it finally came into the hands of the South Jersey Bottle Club. The Bottle Club was given the building to fulfill its vision of preserving Glassboro’s glassmaking history. Over the years, the building has grown and changed along with the town of Glassboro itself, allowing residents to be fond of the ever-evolving site. 


The Heritage Glass Museum is an inviting place for visitors to learn about their history. Choosing this place for the location of our proposed sign aligned with the themes of our project. Our video focuses heavily on the founding of the Heritage Glass Museum and its importance for Glassboro residents to remember the past in order to engage in the present. Not only does this location allow us to have the sign right outside the subject of our video, but it is also situated at a very historically relevant place in Glassboro. 


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