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welcome to Rowan University you’ve landed your eyes on a widely used Landscaping plant called the pin oak or Spanish swamp Oak its scientific name is quercus palestries pin oaks are commonly found in North America from Southwestern New England and Midwestern states to Ontario Canada appropriately called The Swamp Oak these species enjoys wet riparian environments and tolerates poorly drained soil individual trees can range from 59 to 72 feet tall with a maximum lifespan of approximately 120 years pin oak leaves are broad with net-like veins and pointed lobes they look similar to other species of oak trees if you look at the trees nearby you’ll find a Scarlet Oak Tree in the same area experts would have trouble telling these two species apart Rowan’s campus also has an abundance of White Oaks but their leaves have rounded lobes if you need a shady place to study or enjoy a nice day I encourage you to visit Rowan’s Grove of large White Oaks on the other side of Campus you can locate it using the map below this species like all Oaks is monoacious which means that the trees contain both male and female reproductive organs and these are located in two different flowers that the trees make male flowers hang down and cylindrical clusters called catkins that are green and release pollen into the wind you might not even notice female flowers which are unnoticeable and tucked in between branches and leaf bases as flowering trees Oaks also produce fruits specifically acorns Acorn production begins at around 30 to 40 years of age acorns are vital for Animals such as squirrels and Ducks because they serve as a primary food source squirrels play a vital role in the planning of acorns because they will dig a deep hole to hide their acorns sometimes they forget about the acorns that they hid and the acorns would then have the opportunity to become a new tree pin oak trees produce hardwood and humans are able to use it for furniture floorboards and wine barrels wineries use pin oak bark to make their wine barrels because they help cultivate the Wine’s taste the bark was also used in past years by Native American tribes to make a drink for treatment of intestinal pain Rowan’s facilities team cares about the health of our oak trees and notice that some of the trees began Contracting a disease called bacterial Leaf Scorch transferred by xylem feeding insects like Leaf Hoppers this bacterial disease infects the vessels that carry water and nutrients throughout the tree it is commonly seen in species of oak trees however it can also affect other native trees like Elm Sycamore Mulberry Sweetgum sugar maple and red maple some of the trees on campus are showing negative effects from this disease I encourage you to keep exploring the trees on Rowan’s campus there are several species of Oaks as well as different species of native and ornamental trees that you can learn about we are excited to share our love for these essential members of our community with you these resources are a product of Dr Sarah Wright’s plant diversity course in the biological science department my name is Brenda Lisa’s boa and I will earn my biological science degree in 2022 I plan to pursue a career in Health Professions you can read more about me in the pin oak tree below

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